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Our Result

  • Shalu Tomar

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11602615 (2016)
  • Sanchit Verma

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 19615642 (2016)
  • Akshay Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result (Roll No. 11627073) (2016)
  • Prince

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11622553 (2016)
  • Vanshaj Chhadha

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 71600668 (2016)
  • Divyanshau Pal

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11656316 (2016)
  • Mahipal Singh

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11618042 (2016)
  • Piyush Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11632503 (2016)
  • Vikas

    IIT-JEE Result Roll No. 11622553 (2016)
  • Girijesh Tripathi

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5850 (2015)
  • Akshay Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8419 (2015)
  • Manjeet Goyat

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9004 (2014)
  • Rishiraj Asthana

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9713 (2014)
  • Vishesh Tuteja

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8781 (2014)
  • Don Kurian Dennis

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8421 (2014)
  • Mayank Goyal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-8115 (2014)
  • Kabir Bajaj

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-7486 (2014)
  • Anand Kr. Pathak

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-7466 (2014)
  • Yash Vashisht

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-7179 (2014)
  • Gaurav Nagpal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-6720 (2014)
  • Kashish

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9839 (2014)
  • Dixant Mittal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-9920 (2014)
  • Ashish Garg

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-10043 (2014)
  • Umesh Garg

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-12663 (2014)
  • Depan Morwani

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-30 (2014)
  • Gautam Jaiswal

    Gautam Jaiswal (2014)
  • R. Aditya

    IIT-JEE Result (2014)
  • Raja Gopal V.

    IIT-JEE Result (2014)
  • Arya Fathi

    IIT-JEE Result (2014)
  • Chandra Kant

    IIT-JEE Result (2014)
  • Anjali

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-10188 (2014)
  • Aman Bansal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-10153 (2014)
  • Aman Chaudhry

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-6128 (2014)
  • Risabh

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5372 (2014)
  • Neilabh Gupta

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1754 (2014)
  • Shreya Mittal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1748 (2014)
  • Ankit Chaudhary

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1731 (2014)
  • Vishnu Kannujia

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1452 (2014)
  • Akshay Malik

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1302 (2014)
  • Parag Gangil

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1289 (2014)
  • Vikas

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1267 (2014)
  • Shourya Sharma

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1261 (2014)
  • Devendra Govil

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1067 (2014)
  • Vikas Meena

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1 (2014)
  • Nandini Kiran

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-31 (2014)
  • Chandan Kumar

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-48 (2014)
  • Varun Kishore

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-76 (2014)
  • Ankur Kunder

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1832 (2014)
  • Nikunj Aeron

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2132 (2014)
  • Sunny

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5357 (2014)
  • Manuj Monga

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-5288 (2014)
  • Prashank Awasthi

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-4912 (2014)
  • Vineet Bhakhar

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-4900 (2014)
  • Dipesh

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-4654 (2014)
  • Rohan Poudel

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3917 (2014)
  • Lalit Mittal

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3712 (2014)
  • Kasturi Saha

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3486 (2014)
  • Sayantan Dutta

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-3242 (2014)
  • Akshay

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2884 (2014)
  • Amal Srivastava

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2778 (2014)
  • Nagarjun Srivastava

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2736 (2014)
  • Akshya Idoriy

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-2277 (2014)
  • Sachin Sanodiya

    IIT-JEE Result AIR-1015 (2014)



What is IIT-JEE ?

Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination is carried out annually by the Indian Institute of Technology for the admittance of students into the B.Tech courses offered at the institution.  The IIT JEE encompasses of 2 papers. Each of these papers has a time period of 2 hours. The questions asked will be of the  objective nature. The questions asked  shall be from: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics Some sections might contain negative marking.Applicants who get chosen for the B.Design and B. Architecture programs will have to   appear for the Aptitude Test. This shall be performed by specific institute at the time of counseling.


Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are institutions of national importance established through an Act of Parliament for fostering excellence in education. There are sixteen IITs at  resent, located at Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Mandi, Mumbai, Patna, Ropar, Roorkee and Varanasi. Over the years IITs have created world class educational platform that is dynamically sustained through quality teaching and internationally acclaimed research with excellent infrastructure and the best available minds. The faculty and alumni of IITs continue to make huge impact in all sectors of the society both in India and abroad. Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad, is one of the oldest institutions in India and is known for its immense contributions towards society at large and for science and technology in particular.

Primary objectives of these institutions are to:  

-create environment for freedom of thought, cultivate vision, encourage growth,develop personality and self-discipline for pursuit of excellence kindle entrepreneurial streak in the students.These Institutes admit students with these objectives and prepare them to become outstanding professionals and contribute to nation building. 

Today, alumni of these institutions occupy key positions in industry and academia, in India and abroad.Each institute has well-equipped modern laboratories, state-of-the-art computer network and well-stocked technical library. Teaching methods rely on direct personal contact between the teachers and the students, and the use of traditional and modern instructional techniques.Students live in a pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment with people having similar goals and aspirations, which is an exciting and unique experience.These Institutes offer courses leading to Bachelor‟s degree in a number of engineering,technological and science disciplines. Integrated M.Sc. courses in pure and applied sciences and Integrated M.Tech. courses in a few disciplines are also offered by some of these Institutions. In addition, some IITs offer Dual-Degree M.Tech. 

programmes,wherein both B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees are awarded on completion of the programme.Credit-based academic programmes offer flexibility to students to progress at their own pace. A minimum level of performance is necessary for satisfactory progress. The medium of instruction is English.The Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) is conducted by seven zonal IITs (under the directives of the Joint Admission Board) for admission to the undergraduate programmes in all IITs and ISM Dhanbad. Only the top 150000 candidates 

(including all categories) based on their scores in Paper-1 of JEE (Main) will be eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced). JEE (Main) is conducted by CBSE on behalf of the JEE Apex Board during the month of April (both online and offline modes). For details of JEE (Main) candidates are advised to visit A certain number (based on the seats available in all IITs and ISM Dhanbad) of successful candidates (Indian and foreign nationals) above a certain All India Rank (AIR) in JEE (Advanced) will be offered admission.

ABOUT JEE (Advanced)

JEE (Advanced) is jointly conducted by IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Roorkee. These institutes are referred to as the zonal IITs. 

YOUR DREAM COLLEGES (PROFILE OF IISc BANGALORE & IITs) These can be seen at the websites of the respective Institutions.


 Number of Seats

    The number of seats available in total is about 5500, indicating a selectivity of about 1 in 50. The number of students taking this examination has increased substantially each year with the JEE-2006 registering about 300,000 candidates (the number of exam-takers in each of the previous five years was under 200,000).

Eligibility Criteria  

     The candidates belonging to the General category must secure a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate in the qualifying examination of the xii th standard organized by various educational boards of India. Candidates belonging to SC/ST/PD categories must secure a minimum of 55%  in aggregate in the Qualifying Examination.

Age Criteria 

      The age limit for appearing in IIT-JEE is 25 years. For candidates belonging to SC,ST and PD categories, therelaxed age limit is 30 years. Also, starting 2007, a candidate can take the JEE two times at the most. This has been done mainly to reduce stress on students. From 2007 onwards, students who are selected for admission to an IIT cannot attempt thr examination again in the future.    

S.No. Name of Institute Website
1 IISc Bangalore
2 IIT Bhubaneswar
3 IIT Bombay
4 IIT Delhi
5 IIT Gandhinagar
6 IIT Guwahati
7 IIT Hyderabad
8 IIT Indore
9 IIT Kanpur
10 IIT Kharagpur
11 IIT Madras
12 IIT Roorkee

*For more details refer official website for IIT.

News Update

Admission Open for New Batches Vidya KendrA is one of the Reputed Coaching Institute for IIT-JEE, AIIMS / PMT and for other competitive examinations. We have been shown or excellence from over 10 years and have been ranked as No-1 Coaching Institute in Delhi for Medical & Engineering Entrance Examination. Admission for New Batches are Open, Grab a Seat for the preparation of upcoming entrance examinations.

9th August For IIT, 1:00 PM
9th August For PMT, 1:30 PM
9th August For IIT, 1:00 PM
9th August For PMT, 1:30 PM

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