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Our USP (Strength) & Types of Course

1. Class Room Courses

  (Week days / Weekend)


                    (A) Regular Course                       (...a Course in Delhi)

                          1 year Program                         (for XII studying / Pass)

                          2 year Program                         (for XI studying)

                          1 or 2 year Program                  (only for XI / XII)

                           Foundation Program                (for X / IX / VII Studying)


                    (B)  Bridge Course         (...a bridge between Reg. & Crash Course)

                           (4/5 Months)                           (for XII studying / Pass)


                    (C) Crash Course                             (...cream of the Regular course)

                           180 / 270 hours                       (for XII appearing / Passed)


                    (D) Thunder Course                       (...Exam Technique)                                                      One week before every Exam.    (...only 1 day & for 3 hours)


                    (E) Test Series                                  (...Exam before the Exam.)

                          Weekly / Forth nightly / Monthly / Alternate days


2. Correspondence Courses



News Update

Admission open for *BRIDGE Course-IIT/NEET* Vidya KendrA is one of the Reputed Coaching Institute for IIT-JEE, AIIMS / PMT and for other competitive examinations. We have been shown or excellence from over 10 years and have been ranked as No-1 Coaching Institute in Delhi for Medical & Engineering Entrance Examination. Admission for New Batches are Open, Grab a Seat for the preparation of upcoming entrance examinations.Guaranteed Success* by S K Singh(FMS, IIT & BARC)* honoured by 'Shiksha-Ratna.

Fresh Batch & Offer We, Vidya Kendra, Premier Coaching for IIT JEE Mains & Advance have achieved India's Best Result in 2017 IIT Mains Exam. Out of total students we taught in year 2016-2017 session, 45% of students Selected in Mains Examination.

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