Paper 1


*Section A Contain Multiple Choice Questions MCQ
*Section B Contain Questions Whose Answers are to be filled in as a numeric value.


Exam Duration & Marking Scheme

  • Total No. of Questions to be attempted 75 out of 90.
  • Total marks for JEE Main Paper-1 would be 300.
  • Duration of the exam is 3 Hours.
  • For every correct Response, 4 marks will be rewarded.
  • For every wrong Response, 1 mark will be deducted.
  • It is an online (Computer based) Examination.

Syllabus (in brief)


Class 11th and 12th based topics such as : General Physics (Motion in one & two dimension), Mechanics (NLM, Friction, work power & energy, gravitation, SHM, Rotational Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics), Thermal Physics, Acoustics, Electrostatics, Electricity & Magnetism, EMW, Optics and Modern Phy etc.


Class 11th and 12th based topics such as : Basic Concepts, Atomic Structure, States of Matter, Chemical Bonding, Thermo. Chem., Organic (GOC, Hydrocarbon, Halide, Alcohol, Aldehyde & Ketone, Acid & its derivatives, Benzene, Amines etc.) & Inorganic Chemistry (Periodic Table. s, p, d & f block elements, Organometalic compounds) etc.


Class 11th and 12th based topics such as : Algebra (Progression, Quadratic Eq. & Exp., Complex No., Binomial Theorem, Permutation & Combination, Matrix & Determinants), Probability, Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, 3-D & Vectors, Differential & Integral Calculus and Linear Programming etc.